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Commonly Asked Questions
Q:   How often should I coat my surface?
A:   Under normal conditions, sealcoating should be done no more than every 2-4 years.    
      Sealcoating is effective as long as the driveway is not broken up or severely damaged by 
      tree roots.

Q:   Is the "brush" or "spray" method better?
A:   Both are acceptable, but a brush application ensures 2-3 times the amount of sealer is used 
      on your surface than a spray application.  In most instances, a single thick brush applied 
      coating is equivalent to 4 spray coats.  When spraying, the sealer has to be thinned out in 
      order to pass through the spray nozzles.  When applied efficiently and expediently, there 
      will be no noticeable or unsightly brush marks!

Q:  What is the difference between sealcoating and paving?
A:   Sealcoating is the liquid tar application on an existing surface.  Sealcoating maintains, beautifies, and adds 
      longevity to your surface saving you money in the long run.  Paving or resurfacing consists of laying 
      asphalt and it provides you with a new surface.  This process is necessary when your surface is badly   
      broken, cracked, or consists only of dirt or stone.  Paving can be 10-30 times the cost of sealcoating.

​Q:   What does sealcoating typically cost?
A:   The cost of sealing asphalt surfaces varies from state to state and from county to county.  Typically, .30¢ - 
      .40¢ per square foot is acceptable.  Beware of lowball bidders!  Often times these outfits don't have work 
      so they are desperate for jobs.  Keffer Sealcoating utilizes several factors when determining price:

  • Square footage
  • Time of season (prices may be lower at the very beginning of the season or later in the fall)
  • Amount of preparation work (cleaning, shoveling, pulling weeds, etc.)
  • Driving distance
  • Whether or not the surface has been coated before
  • Shape and slope or angle of the surface